Tools for Guild Wars

Project maintained by HasKha, GregLando113, reduf, 3vcloud, DubbleClick, Hour-of-the-Owl, DarkManic


Unlike Widgets, windows are designed to be opened when needed, and hidden when not in use.

All windows have options in Settings to specify the exact co-ordinates of their on-screen position, prevent the window from being moved around or re-sized, and to remove the close button.

General Interface

Opening and closing windows

There are several ways to open and close windows:

Toolbox window

The main Toolbox window contains the buttons to open each of the other windows (except the notepad), and a button to activate/de-activate auto pcons.

The close button on the top-right of the main window closes the whole of Toolbox.

Pcons (more info)

Automatically pops cons and pcons.

Hotkeys (more info)

Sets up hotkeys for various Toolbox functions.

Builds (more info)

Sends team builds to party chat.

Travel (more info)

Fast travel to any outpost in the game.

Dialogs (more info)

Sends dialogs to NPCs.

Info (more info)

Displays various pieces of useful information.

Materials (more info)

Automatically buys materials from the trader.

Settings (more info)

All Toolbox settings can be found here.


The notepad is just a space where you can write (or copy/paste) anything you want, such as complicated instructions to remember. Anything you write will still be there when you restart Toolbox or Guild Wars.