Tools for Guild Wars

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Dialogs Window


The Dialogs window allows you to send dialogs directly to NPCs without actually having to talk to them, and in some cases without having completed all the pre-requisites to make that dialog available.

You still have to interact with the NPC (press space) in order to activate the dialog, but you can do so even while they refuse to talk to you because they’re in combat. You can move away from the NPC, and so long as you don’t go beyond compass range or interact with another, sending the dialog will make you walk back.

Default Dialogs

The 4 buttons at the top are for the quests that commonly need to be taken while the quest NPC is in aggro and unable to talk.

The 7 buttons below are for teleporting to each of the Reapers in the Underworld. Although you need to be at a Reaper to use the dialog, the destination Reaper does not need to have been spawned.


If you want more elite area dialogs to appear on the window, you can select them from the first drop down menu.

You can have as many favorites as you want: go on Settings to add more.

Custom Dialogs

The bottom drop down menu contains a list of some of the most popular dialogs, none of which require pre-requisites.

You can also use the input field, or the chat command /dialog <id>, to send any dialog you wish, so long as you know the code for it. This can be found using the Info window.