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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get banned for using GWToolbox++?
GWToolbox++ is a third party tool that can automate aspects of gameplay for a range of uses including auto-responding to incoming whipsers using the /afk command, automatically maintaining pcons in an explorable area, loading hero team builds and salvaging/purchasing items in bulk.

Although many of these automations can be seen as quality-of-life improvements to the game, this software goes against part of the NCSoft Code of Conduct:

“You may not use any third-party program (such as a “bot”) to automate gameplay functions, including playing, chatting, interacting, or gathering items within our Games”

“You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers or other facilities running the Services.”

…and is also mentioned in the NCSoft User Agreement:

“We do not permit the use of any third-party software, tools, or programs that interact with the Services that give one player an unintended, unnatural, or unfair advantage over another player. Such prohibited third-party software, tools, or programs include those that alter Game-balance in favor of one player over another, automate actions within the Services, promote unattended gameplay, or have an adverse effect on other users of the Services. Prohibited third-party programs will be determined at our sole discretion.”

If you are found to be using GWToolbox++ in-game, you could get banned, so use this software at your own risk. With this in mind, it would not be a good idea to use any third party tools when streaming gameplay (recorded or otherwise) as it could be used in a case against your account.

My antivirus detects toolbox as a virus! Are you hacking me?
The detection is a false positive, and it is caused by some techniques that GWToolbox needs to use. Most notably, toolbox has to run into another program and manipulate its memory at runtime (note: no modification is permanent). Toolbox is open source, so if you don’t trust me you can read through the source code and compile directly from the source yourself.

Can I run Toolbox with other programs such as Multi client Launchers, TexMod, uMod, or a screen recording software?
TexMod, uMod, screen recording software (in game capture mode) and Toolbox all use similar techniques to capture and display information on the screen. Because of this, they may interfere with each other. Also note that when you use more than one of the above programs Guild Wars may crash when you close any of them.

I have an feature request/non-bug issue with GWToolbox++. Where can I voice it?
We are always open to comments and criticism about Toolbox++. If you have features or opinions of features you would like to voice to the developers, please leave your input on the repository issue tracker.

Why does GWToolbox++ require Admin privileges?
GWToolbox++ needs admin privileges if Guild Wars has admin privileges. Guild Wars can be indirectly started with those privileges if it was started by a program that was run as admin. TexMod, uMod, GWML or GW Launcher typically require admin privileges so we decided for Toolbox to require admin privileges by default, to avoid issues.

You can find a version of the launcher that doesn’t require admin privileges here.

Issues launching GWToolbox

I am getting an error message saying “d3dx9_43.dll (or some other d3d9 dll) is missing”, what’s wrong?
Please install the DirectX Redistributable found here. You will want to extract the package in a folder in your computer and then run DXSETUP.exe.

I run the launcher and then nothing happens / Guild Wars closes / crashes
There may be different reasons for this. Try the following, in no particular order:

I run the launcher and I get the message “GWToolbox.dll was not loaded, unknown error” or “exit code 0”
This error typically means that some security feature is preventing Toolbox to access Guild Wars. It might be caused by any of the following:

GWToolbox++ just crashed and set my grandma’s hair on fire! Help!
Oops. Please start a bug issue at the repository issue tracker here. If the error was not critical, a message box should have displayed with the title “GWToolbox++ Crash!”. If the message box states that the dump file generated sucessfully, please go to your start menu search bar and type %LOCALAPPDATA%. Press enter, and your appdata folder should open. Navigate to the GWToolboxpp folder and find the most recent .dmp file created. If you are able to find the file, attach this file on your issue as it can help greatly with fixing the issue. Be sure to also include what you were doing in game at the time of the crash, and any other information that might help. If it is an issue we can solve we will get to fixing it when we can.

In-game issues and how-to

Can I bind the same hotkey to perform multiple actions?
You sure can! Just create a second hotkey for the second action and assign the same key bind. When you press the key, you will perform all of the assigned actions in the order the hotkeys appear in the list.

You can also bind multiple keys to the same action, again by creating extra hotkeys, this time with the same action and different key binds.

The icons on the Pcons, Materials, and Toolbox window aren’t showing up. How do I get them back?
This is a bug that causes the Toolbox launcher to not download the icons. Delete your GWToolbox.exe and replace it with this one.

Toolbox cannot load font upon launch. How do I get it to load the font?
Font.ttf can be found in the GitHub repository in the resource folder. Download this file and navigate to C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\GWToolboxpp and copy it to that folder.

I am missing icons in my Completion window. Help?
Missing icons are most likely not downloaded into your C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\GWToolboxpp\%COMPUTERNAME%\img folder. All of the icons can be found in the resources folder in the GitHub repository where you can download them. By navigating to a single file, you will in most cases find a download button to download the individual file. If you are missing a lot of icons, you can download the repository from the main page. Click Code and Download Zip. From the .zip-file, navigate to\GWToolboxpp-master\resources\ and drop the needed icon folder into C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\GWToolboxpp\img.

Why isn’t Toolbox remembering my settings when I restart! Help?
Toolbox settings are saved to the files in the settings folder when you close Toolbox or click “Save Now” at the bottom of the Settings window. Settings are loaded from those files when you launch Toolbox or click “Load Now”.

My Toolbox is not showing! Help?
There are a few different things that could have happened. Here’s how to fix them:

One of my windows has collapsed! I can only see the title bar. How do I get the window back?
You probably minimized it by accident. Double-click on the title bar to expand it, or to collapse it again.

My urgoz door timer is not showing! Help?
The urgoz timer shows “Open” or “Closed”, along with the time remaining, under the usual timer. If you cannot see it, it is usually because of any of the following reasons: