Tools for Guild Wars

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The Settings window contains configuration options for all Toolbox features, and provides access to several features that don’t have their own window.

The buttons at the top of the window link to the settings folder and this website.
The buttons at the bottom save and load your Toolbox settings to and from the settings folder.


This section contains some information about how to use Toolbox, along with a list of some of the more important chat commands. All of this information can be found, often in more detail, on this website.

Game Settings

Game Settings

These are several quality-of-life features that can simply be toggled on or off:

Toolbox Settings

Toolbox Settings

These options change some of the ways Toolbox function:

Chat Filter (more info)

Here you can choose messages to filter out of the chat.

Chat Commands

Here you can adjust the settings of the cam unlock feature.

Theme (more info)

Here you can adjust the appearance of Toolbox.


The settings are stored in the folder C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\GWToolboxpp. You can open this folder by clicking on the button at the top of the Settings window, manually navigate to it, or type %LOCALAPPDATA% in Start Menu, Run, or in the address in Explorer.

There are a number of files in this folder:


You can (and should!) backup your Toolbox settings by saving some of the files above, and copy them over to the new installation. You definitely want to backup GWToolbox.ini, Markers.ini and Theme.ini. Optionally you can also backup all the .ini and .txt files.

In general, it is recommended to backup your Toolbox settings, so you have a copy in case something goes wrong.

Font customization

You can change the font used by Toolbox simply by replacing the default Font.ttf.

Icon customization

You can change any icons used by toolbox by replacing the respective file.