Tools for Guild Wars

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Toolbox’s appearance can be greatly customized. Many individual features have some separate options for this, but the controls that affect everything are all in the Theme menu in Settings. Usually it’s best to see the effects of these controls for yourself by tweaking them, but you can also read about them here.

It’s possible to share all or part of your theme with someone else by copying from the Theme.ini file in the Settings folder.

Basic controls

Restore Default returns all Theme settings to the Toolbox standard.

Global Alpha determines the transparency of all elements of Toolbox, with the following exceptions:

Global Font Scale adjusts the size of all text anywhere in Toolbox.


Frames are the areas within windows that contain text, including headers, sliders, and text input fields.

Grabs are the things you click-and-drag to move a slider.



The color channels control the levels of red, green, blue, and opacity of each element: