Tools for Guild Wars

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The Minimap widget is an advanced version of the Guild Wars compass.

Features Overview


Minimap Settings

Customizing appearance

All of these settings can be adjusted in Settings or in the GWToolbox.ini file in the settings folder.

Scale controls the zoom level. This can also be adjusted with Shift+mousewheel.</br> Shift+drag to view other areas of the map. In-game movement will snap the minimap back to centering on you.</br> Moving the map view like this does not allow you to see agents that are beyond party range.

You can change the color and opacity of all elements of the minimap. Set the alpha to 0 to disable any minimap feature.


The appearance of all agents can be re-sized:


These are the colors of the range circles.

Pings and drawings



Custom Markers

Custom markers are lines between 2 points, or circles radiating from one point, drawn on the minimap to to replace points of reference from the textures of the default compass.

To add a new marker, choose the Add Line button to add a line, or Add Marker to add a circle. The new marker will then appear in the list of markers, and you can edit it.

Use the Info window to find the co-ordinates and Map ID of where you want the marker to appear.</br> Lines require a co-ordinate for each end.</br> Circles require a co-ordinate for the center and a value for the radius. You can choose from a drop-down if you want the circle to be hollow or filled.</br> The next field is for the Map ID. If you choose 0, the marker will appear on all maps.</br> The last field is to enter a name for the marker, so you can easily remember what it is.</br> The toggle to the left turns the marker off.</br> The X to the right deletes the marker, without a prompt.

Note: custom markers are stored in Markers.ini in the settings folder. You can share this file with other players or paste other people’s markers into it.

Hero flagging

Hero flags become visible when there are heroes in your party and you are in an explorable area.

You can turn them on/off with the Show hero flag controls toggle.

You can attach/detach them to/from the minimap with the Attach to minimap toggle. If detached, you can move/resize the window with Unlock Move All (at the top of the Settings window).

You can also change the color of the flag controls’ background.

Chat Commands

You can use the chat commands to flag heroes using the minimap.

/flag [all|clear|<number>] to flag a hero in the minimap (same as using the buttons by the minimap).

/flag <number> clear to clear flag for a hero.

/flag [all|<number>] [x] [y] to flag a hero to coordinates [x],[y].