Tools for Guild Wars

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Materials Window


The Materials window allows you to automatically buy and sell rare and common materials from the traders. It is also possible to check the price for the exact amount needed to craft consets, powerstones, and res scrolls, and to buy as many of these as you want.


To buy materials, you must stand next to the trader. Enter the amount you want to buy, and either click “Price Check” to get up-to-date prices of each item, or just “Buy” straight away. You will immediately start buying the materials at a fast rate, and the prices displayed will repeatedly update as the information is available. Bear in mind that as you buy materials, the trader’s price increases, so 100 res scrolls will probably cost slightly more than 100 times the price displayed.

Selling items works just the same. If you don’t have enough of the item you’re trying to sell, you’ll just sell all you have and then stop.

If you make another order while the current one is still going, it will be queued to start when the current one finishes. However, selling items take priority over buying, so a new sell order will start straight away, pushing buy orders to the back of the queue, and price checks take top priority.

Clicking “Cancel” will cancel all orders that are currently queued.

If you run out of cash or fill up to 100K, the entire queue will be cancelled. This can be avoided by turning on “Automatically manage gold” in the Settings window. Gold will then be withdrawn or deposited from your storage when necessary.

Known Bugs