Tools for Guild Wars

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Pcons Window


The Pcons window can maintain your choice of cons and pcons, provided you have them in your inventory.

Each pcon will pop whenever you are alive and do not have the pcon’s effect. Note that whilst most pcons’ effects expire on death, and will re-pop immediately on resurrection, some (such as war supplies and alcohol) persist and do not need to be popped again.

BUG: If you don’t currently have any effects on you, pcons will not auto-pop. To work around this, always display a title that gives an effect (Lightbringer or one of the Eye of the North reputation titles).

City Speedboost

City speedboosts, represented by the Sugary Blue Drink icon, will pop as soon as you move in an outpost.

Only the ones in your inventory (not your storage) will be used.


Your Essence of Celerity, Grail of Might, and Armor of Salvation will only pop when the entire party has loaded into the area.

If any players are dead, cons will not pop. A player leaving the party or losing communication with the server will not prevent cons from popping.

Pcons Settings


The Pcons windows is highly customizable in the Settings window. As well as the usual window options, there are several extra settings to be adjusted: