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Travel Window


The Travel window allows you to travel directly to any outpost in the game, so long as you’ve already unlocked that outpost.


Select an outpost from the drop-down menu and you will instantly travel there. You can start typying in the name of the outpost to find it in the list faster, and use your arrow keys to scroll up and down. The word “The” is not considered for alphabetical order.

There are also 8 default outpost buttons to choose from. If you want more, you can add your favourite outposts, using the dropdown menus at the bottom. You can change the number of favourites in Settings.

If you want to go to a particular district, make sure you choose it from the district dropdown menu.

There is also an option in Settings to make the Travel window close when you travel, although this is off by default.

In pre-Searing Ascalon, the only available buttons are the 5 pre-Searing outposts. District selection is not available.

Travelling to The Deep or Urgoz’ Warren

When travelling to The Deep or Urgoz’ Warren using either the UI or the /travel command, GWToolbox will travel to an outpost that can access the elite area e.g. Cavalon or Embark Beach, and will then automatically use a passage scroll from your inventory or chest

Chat Commands

/to [dest], /tp [dest], or /travel [dest] will map travel you to the [dest] outpost.

You can use the following shortcuts instead of [dest]:

The [dest] argument also does a partial search on outpost names and returns the best match. Some examples include:

The [dest] argument also does a partial search on dungeon names:

The last word of the [dest] argument can also be a district shortcut as shown in the above examples: