Tools for Guild Wars

Project maintained by HasKha, GregLando113, reduf, 3vcloud, DubbleClick, Hour-of-the-Owl, DarkManic

Chat Commands

Toolbox supports a variety of chat commands; you can use them by typing in chat like in-game commands such as /age. (a|b) denotes a mandatory argument, in this case ‘a’ or ‘b’. [a|b] denotes an optional argument, in this case nothing, ‘a’ or ‘b’.

/afk will make your character /sit and set your status to Away

/age2 will display a simple in-game instance time.

/borderless [on|off] will toggle borderless window.

/cam [args] or /camera [args] to control various aspect of the camera:

/zoom [value] to change the maximum zoom to the value. Use just /zoom to reset to the default value of 750.

/chest or /xunlai to open Xunlai Chest in a city or outpost.

/dialog [id] will send a dialog; hex number instead of [id], e.g. /dialog 0x99.

/dmg [arg] or /damage [arg] controls the party damage monitor. See damage_monitor#chat-commands for all options.

/flag is used to flag heros on the GWToolbox minimap. See minimap#chat-commands for all options.

/pcons [on|off] to turn pcons on/off. Using /pcons will toggle.

/target or /tgt has few advanced ways to interact with your target:

/tb close, /tb quit, or /tb exit completely close Toolbox and all its windows.

/tb reset moves Settings and the main Toolbox window to the top-left corner of the screen.

/hide [name] or /show [name] to hide or show a window or widget, or /tb [name] to toggle.

/tb to hide or show the main Toolbox window.

/resize [x] [y] sets the size of the Guild Wars window if the resolution is set to Window.

/to [dest], /tp [dest], or /travel [dest] will map travel you to the [dest] outpost. See Travel for all options.

/useskill [slot] will use the selected skill on recharge; for example, /useskill 1 will use your first skill. Use /useskill, /useskill 0, or /useskill stop to stop.

/transmo changes your character model to that of the target NPC. This is only visible to you.

/transmotarget <npc_name> [size (6-255)] to change your target’s appearance into an NPC. This is only visible to you.

/transmoparty <npc_name> [size (6-255)] to change your party’s appearance into an NPC. This is only visible to you.

/load and /loadbuild is used to load builds onto your player, or your heros. See Builds for all options.

/pingitem <equipped_item> to ping your equipment in chat.