Tools for Guild Wars

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Edit Teambuild Window

Hero Builds

The Hero Builds window allows you to create and edit teambuilds, which can then be loaded directly onto your heroes. Clicking “Load” on one of your teambuilds will kick all your current heroes before adding the chosen heroes to the party and loading the builds onto them.

To create a new teambuild, click “Add Teambuild”, or to edit an existing teambuild, click on its name. This will open a new window, which can be independently moved and re-sized. You can have multiple windows open at once. In these windows, you can write the name of the team and the individual builds, select the hero, and paste in the template codes.

The “View” button allows you to view the build in-game. Ctrl + Click to Send the build to chat.

“Up” and “Down” change the teambuild’s position in the list of teambuilds, and “Delete” will delete the entire teambuild from the list.

The Mode dropdown allows you to automatically change to Normal or Hard Mode when loading the team.