Tools for Guild Wars

Project maintained by HasKha, GregLando113, reduf, 3vcloud, DubbleClick, Hour-of-the-Owl, DarkManic

What is GWToolbox++?

GWToolbox++ (or just toolbox), is a collection of several tools and enhancements for the original Guild Wars. It adds features that should exist in a modern game and tools to visualize information and improve the player experience.

List of Features

Windows Widgets Other Features
Builds Bonds Monitor Borderless Window
Dialogs Clock Customizable Camera
Hotkeys Damage Monitor Chat Commands
Info Distance Monitor Chat Filter
Materials Buyer Health Monitor Flash GW in taskbar when receiving a PM
Notepad Instance Timer Save Location Data
Auto Pcons Minimap Target with double-click on message author
Settings Vanquish Monitor Theme editor
Travel Alcohol Monitor URLs in equipment templates
Hero Builds

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